My name is Kenneth Sutcliffe, and I am 81 yrs old. I never was an athlete and until 2015 had never been to a gym. I first saw Mr J Beaumont when I was 73 a retired clerk with neck and back problems which were impackting greatly on my life. His treatment soon had me back in my garden, driving and looking after my home. Then in April 2014 I slipped and injured my right shoulder, I had it checked and was told I had not broken anything, but was in a lot of pain. I saw Mr Beaumont and he said he could see what the problem was and after having sent me back to my doctor 3 times I was told I had broken 2 Ligaments, these were replaced at the Nuffield in Leeds in May 2015. I was treated by their physio and was put into their gym. I then returned to Mr Beaumont for him to resume his treatment of my neck, back and shoulder he took me into a gym showed me the exipment I should use and how to use it. I now go 3 morning a week to the gym and have never been fitter, and lead a very active life, due to the continuing help and advice from Mr Beaumont.