1 to 1 gym rehab

Whether you’re at an elite level or a weekend warrior, the last thing that any sports
person wants to hear when they’re injured is “you need to stop doing your sport and rest”

Sports Rehabilitation

With our experience gained from years working at the highest level in professional sports (including The Premier League and Team GB), we understand the importance of your sporting goals.

Depending on the severity of your injury and stage of competition, our physiotherapists will be able to quickly give you a prognosis and an overview of your training schedule, enabling you to miss as little time as possible from your sport. The goal for any athlete is to avoid complete rest, and at Regeneration Physiotherapy you can be sure that we will do our best to work around your injury so that you can continue sports participation as much as possible.

Sports rehabilitation can be achieved not only by 1:1 sessions in the treatment room, but also with the provision of an appropriate strength and functional exercise program. With access to our Ultraflex gym-based clinics, you will be provided with the opportunity to train in some of the country’s best strength and conditioning facilities. As things progress, we can continue this rehabilitation into sports-specific drills and are happy to liaise with your existing coaches/medical team throughout the process in order to ensure a swift return to competition.

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