Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

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Pilates with Flexible Exercise

Whether you believe in God or evolution the human body has been designed, or has evolved, to move...

And yet we live in a sedentary world.

It’s as if people are the preverbal Ferrari supercar but find ourselves driving on sand… we are fantastic machines but not suitable for our environment.

These days we sit too much… far too much!

And as such muscles get weak and short, joints don’t fully explore their full range of motion, and we forget how to move efficiently.

Pilates was created to specifically address these issues. It challenges the body to move fully, develops functional strength and allows an oasis of mindful thought.

Regular classes with a good teacher who is aware of posture and technique will help to resolve most simple posture based pains and dysfunction… oh and you’ll get in great shape too if applied with a calorie controlled diet!

Think of Pilates like golf... how good are you at achieving the goal?

I.e. being good at golf isn’t about how hard or far you can hit the ball but the player who is the best at putting the ball exactly where they want it usually wins.

And that’s Pilates… it’s about how good are you are performing each exercise?

Learn how to move with precision, improving your proprioception as well as strength and flexibility.

It is key to find a great teacher!

Like learning any new skill, the more time and attention you receive from someone with great knowledge and experience the quicker you will progress.

Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations or other health professionals for their opinions but remember, convenience is great if you are proficient but the better the teacher the easier the lesson.

At Regeneration Physiotherapy we do not have any financial business links with Pilates teachers but will recommend those that we feel provide the best service, attention to detail and holistic care for our patients.

Please see the below links for those that we recommend in your area:

Normanton / Wakefield / Pontefract:

Caroline Hopkins www.flexibleexercise.co.uk

Experienced & Certified Body Control Pilates™ Teacher who takes great care in working with the individual. Small classes or individual sessions tailored to suit each client. I teach good movement skills step by step which will ultimately give you the strength and flexibility you need for other activities, sports and for life.


Mia Nielson www.about.me/mia_nielsen

West Yorkshire:

Name www.instagram.com/west_yorkshire_pilates_yoga/

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