Occupational Health

Back pain costs the UK economy an estimated £10 billion per year, accounting for over 40% of sickness absence in the NHS alone. At Regeneration Physiotherapy, we can help your business by providing occupational therapy and support

Occupational Health

We have experience providing work place assessments, as well as providing educational seminars to staff in a friendly and informative manner. We are also able to take the treatment room to your place of work if needed. By using mobile treatment beds and taking the equipment with us, we can supply physiotherapists directly to you in a convenient and accessible manner to your staff.

You may even have already provided private medical cover for your employees, in which case, the element of cost is often removed or subsidised since at Regeneration Physiotherapy, we are registered with all major private medical insurance providers.

To find out how we may be able to help your business, please contact us directly via email at

We can help your business improve productivity, wellbeing and save money.


Our Occupational Health Physiotherapy Service supports your business to improve the health and fitness of your employees.

How we can do it…

We perform a full and thorough assessment, perform treatment and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan specific to each individual. This includes advice, recommendations and strategies for the work place.

WHY you should use our service,

Lower back pain statistics
Prevent long term sickness by being pro active
Invest in your staff
Get reports that support your businesses occupational health policy
Save money by reducing sick leave

Two options:

1. Patients come into clinic.
You can book your employees into our diary directly via at a time that suits your business.
We can then share this report and our recommendations (with consent from the patient) with yourselves.
We can customise our assessment reports specific to your business needs.

This model proves highly successful for our clients who want to support employees at “high risk”, currently injured or those with a history of absence due to physical musculoskeletal pain.


Cath Towler
Tereos Sugar

An excellent service provided to my employees to keep or help them back to work. Thanks, guys for such a fantastic service.

2. We can come to you.

We have had sensational feedback (please see below) from our invitations to work in-house at DAC Beachcroft. We send two fully equipped physiotherapists into the law firm to treat employees and offer advice as part of their “well being” service.

We send an empty treatment list and medical history questionnaire to our HR contact at the firm.

They then populate this list with the employees they would benefit the most from our intervention and our physiotherapists then set up a temporary clinic in your building.

This was so successful we were invited back and even added a 45 minute mobility class at lunch.

There is no pressure for employees to access further service… we treat this as an opportunity to add value to your business.

We charge £350 a day per physio for in-house services.

Each physio can treat 9 employees plus mobilty class.


Sandra Simms
DAC Beachcroft

Jason was very good and knew exactly where my calf and knee problems originated. He certainly hit the spot with the message and gave me some helpful advice about exercises and techniques. To top it off he was a really nice guy.

Tracy Rust
DAC Beachcroft

I found the physio session really useful, the information the guy gave me was spot on and I have seen a slight improvement since doing the stretches he recommended. It would be great if they can come back in at some point.

Maja Dobrznska
DAC Beachcroft

I had very tense muscles around my neck area. I have been suffering with it for a while. After the acupuncture session I had with Jason I can easily relax them now. My sleeping and sitting improved as well.

Lynda Norbury
DAC Beachcroft

The stretching class was very beneficial and defiantly something I would do again.

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This service could be FREE for your business! We are fully registered with most medical insurance companies and so can utilise these policies to fund treatment.

Our goal is to keep your staff happy and effective.

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We Accept The FOllowing Insurance

Regeneration Physiotherapy is registered with several private health insurers including AXA, BUPA, Vitality Health and WPA.