Caleb Folan

I work in holistic wellness and massage therapy.
My background is in professional football. Enjoying an 18 year career, playing both internationally and premier league level.

In my 18 years as a sportsman and experiencing massage treatments, i came to associate massage therapy with a feeling of vulnerability. It wasn’t until I embraced this link between massage therapy and emotional shifts that I began to experience an overwhelming sense of release both in my physical and psychological well being.

Following this, I became driven to learn more about and connect with the practises of massage therapy. Seeking and engaging into different forms of healing that are derived from energy and touch, my knowledge has stemmed from experiences in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Working in Sports Massage Therapy overseas in football via Trinidad and Tobago and now enjoying working on a one to one basis with clients & athletes from a variety of disciplines, all with one notion, to uplift and restore calm in mind and body through massage therapy.

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