Physiotherapy Services

Whether you’ve injured yourself at work, in the garden or on the sports pitch,
if you’re in pain we can help!

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Our Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists specialise in the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurological pain and dysfunction.

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We use a variety of manual therapy techniques that can be used to treat common complaints such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sports injury, ligament sprains, joint stiffness, and many other physical injuries

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Strength & Conditioning

Available within our gym-based clinics & used as part of our rehabilitation process to make sure we can break through training plateaus by continually progressing physical performance outcomes.

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Personal Training

we work closely with the personal trainers in the gyms and have packages available to suit your goals.

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Sports Massage

You don’t have to be injured or even an athlete to feel the benefits of a sports massage! This deep-tissue therapy is helpful in recovering from the rigours of sports, training, postural strain, tension and general day-day life.

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Pilates New

By working on the deep architectural structure of the body, core stability is achieved and then maintained. Specific problem areas can be targeted by an exercise, in relation to the rest of ones’s body.

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several of our therapists are trained in Acupuncture which can be helpful to treat a variety of complaints including headaches, migraines, back pain, general aches and stiffness.

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