I’m Curtis Taylor. As a competitive powerlifter and qualified physiotherapist, I use my knowledge and experience to help educate, empower and not only restore normal function but improve it beyond this!

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Curt has a BSc Physiotherapy degree and is a level 2 fitness instructor.

Curtis' Experience:

• Working with a wide variety of patients, pathologies and injuries whilst working as an NHS Physio
• 7 years training experience with interests in strength, conditioning and pre/rehabilitative exercise
• Mentorship with Regen Physio starting 2019

Personal Interests:

• Competitive powerlifter and 2019 English Champion in the 83KG junior class and experience as a competing body builder
• Curt will be in a full time role mainly situated in our York Clinic

If you would like further information on how Curtis will be able to help you, do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your issues with Curtis or one of our other qualified Physiotherapists.

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